Daily Picks (08/16/17)

Status: -0.84%

Yesterday: N/A

Record: 3-4-0

Win %: 42.86%

The algorithm hasn’t been kind over the last few days – either leading me to defeat or leaving me with no games on which to put some action.

This morning it tells me the smart money is on the Washington Nationals to prevail over the Angels of Los Angeles. The Nationals are significant favorites, being the better team and playing at home, however the algorithm likes them even more than Vegas.

Let’s see who’s right.

Daily Picks (08/11/17)

Status: +1.42%

Yesterday: Detroit Tigers 1.340 (L), Los Angeles Angels 2.800 (W)

Record: 2-2-0

Win %: 50%

Split the games yesterday but hit on the longer odds so come out ahead. Yay!

My algorithm likes one game today, the Rays of Tampa Bay to out-duel the Cleveland Tribe. Bet has been placed!

Daily Picks (08/10/17)

Status: -0.18%

Yesterday: No Play; Previous Day: Kansas City Royals 2.050 (L)

Record: 1-1-0

None of yesterday’s match-ups caught the attention of my algorithm, so no action for me. As fate would have it, we have 2 games selected today. The first is the Detroit Tigers over the Pittsburgh Pirates. The second is one I wouldn’t pick myself, that being the Angels over James Paxton and the Seattle Mariners. As this is a bit of an experiment, my bet’s been placed and I don’t feel good about it.

Kansas City Royals

Status: + 1.82%

Yesterday: Minnesota Twins 1.909 (W)

Record: 1-0-0

Today’s pick is the Kansas City Royals over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Royals are betting underdogs but seem like a good bet playing at home and with the way they’ve been playing recently. The system agrees with my gut instinct on this one.

Minnesota Twins

So here’s the deal.

I’ve always enjoyed sports betting. I’ve done alright over the years, with the expected large swings in my balance. I gave it up a while back at the risk of getting in too deep, cashing out before trouble arose.

The thing is, I always did well when I stuck to my system (yeah, I know). I got into trouble when I ignored the system and went with my gut.

So I’ve decided to put a small amount into an online account and make daily (or near daily) bets (with small amounts) based on my system. On this site, I will track my results and talk about my pick for the day.

Today’s pick is the Minnesota Twins over the Milwaukee Brewers, straight up on the money-line. Bodog has the game at an even split, and with Ervin Santana starting for the Twins, my system likes them tonight.

Let’s wait and see.